We are a leading remanufacturer serving the automotive aftermarket.

USA Inustries is responsive, flexible, and has the organized integrity to meet all of our commitments and to support and promote our customers success. Outstanding service, product reliability and assurance of supply are our pledge.

We deliver the best total cost solution.

USA Insdustries best total cost solution is achieved through; competitive pricing, high line fill rates, efficient order processing and fast product shipments, and built-in quality and reliability, that only an industry leader can provide.

Remanufacturing, the original green industry

By reclaiming America's natural resources with improved technology to recycle and "re-engineering" recovered material, USA Industries prevents approximately 10,000 tons of landfill waste each year.

USA Products are manufactured to the highest standards of performance and durability. Components are pre-tested and assemblies undergo the most complete load test to simulate the most sever operating conditions.

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